FlashFX Tera and its predecessors have supported storing data in flash memory since 1996. The devices for which products in the FlashFX family have delivered reliable flash storage include hundreds of millions of cell phones, handheld terminals, factory automation systems, rockets, and many others. FlashFX Tera supports NAND, parallel NOR and now Serial NOR flash memory, or NOR flash with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). Serial NOR is becoming more and more popular with low cost devices that want to minimize their chip pin count and manufacturing cost.

The Flash Interface Module (FIM) of FlashFX Tera is what enables portability to hundreds of flash parts through a standardized interface. While the basic SPI NOR functions are supported by the standard SPI NOR FIM there are subtle and not-so-subtle differences in SPI Bus Interface driver implementation for different operating systems and in individual SPI NOR parts. We’ve made it easy to modify FlashFX Tera to accommodate those differences through a Hooks Interface that is part of each FlashFX Tera project. Customizing the Hooks Interface can be done on your own with Datalight support and guidance or you can contract with us to do the work for you.

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