Many industries offer applications that require industrial SSD, including automotive/transportation, medical, industrial control, networking and communications, and smart grid/energy. The common theme in these markets is the high cost of failure. For example, in industrial control, a manufacturing line stoppage can delay production, cause spoilage of product and waste workforce hours, potentially adding up to millions of dollars. Automotive designs that face a recall due to a failing part can not only cost many thousands of dollars, but depending on which part fails and when, may endanger lives as well! If a smart grid fails, thousands of users can be left without power, or potentially with power but without the means (usage data) to charge them for it.


Smart Meter

Smart Meters

Datalight worked with a smart grid device that collected more than 70 data points every minute, which totals more than a hundred thousand collected per day. Due to the high cost of installing and servicing this device, the customer required a lifetime of at least 25 years. That’s 920 million data points collected over the life of the product. With today’s consumer-grade SLC flash rated for only about 60,000 program erase cycles, finding suitable flash can be challenging. Datalight provided the industrial storage software to enable this type of application.


Jet Engine


Datalight’s software is included in jet engines that gen­erate as much as 10 GB/s of potentially useful diag­nostic and performance-enhancing data. For jet engines, the data helps to improve fuel efficiency and drive more cost-effective maintenance schedules without compromising safety.




Race Cars

Race cars can generate 90 GB/race. This critical race data includes things like speed, tachometer readings, fuel usage, tire pressure, suspension and break wear, among other things. This data enables drivers and their crews to race smarter and more efficiently which leads to wins, but it also tracks wear, enabling them to avoid mechanical failures, thus keeping the driver safe.