Linux and Android run faster with Reliance NitroOn Linux, a variety of flash file systems are available. These work with NOR and SLC NAND flash, but will not work with eMMC at this time. Earlier versions of Android used the YAFFS file system on NAND flash.

Newer versions of Android use the ext4 file system instead. By default, this file system does not run on NAND flash, so this media is usually replaced with eMMC. On Android, the default file system is ext4. This The ext4 Journaling file system has some power safe characteristics, but is not as flexible and configurable as Datalight's Reliance Nitro eMMC file system. It is also important to note that Reliance Nitro was designed to be used with Flash memory (the internal component of eMMC), and is the only file system to provide Secure Delete on eMMC hardware.

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