eMMC is flash memory plus a flash controller in a single packageInternally, eMMC hardware is Flash memory, along with a controller to manage the wear leveling and necessary ECC calculations. A driver is required to use this part, and a basic one is often available from the board manufacturer as part of the BSP. While this eMMC driver provides a block device interface, the best File system for eMMC is one that works well with Flash media for the best performance. This driver often presents the eMMC media as a block device to the file system and operating system.

Datalight's solution is to utilize this driver interface - which often contains Read, Write and Discard or Trim - to write the underlying flash in the best way possible. The Reliance Nitro file system is optimized for speedy Flash access and also minimizes Write Amplification, which will ultimately extend the life of the eMMC media.

Newer eMMC parts support the latest JEDEC specification and include Advanced Features. One example of these is Secure Trim and Erase. Datalight's Reliance Nitro uses these features to provide a File level Secure Delete to the OS and Application through a common API.

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