eMMC solves the ECC problem of high density NAND and hides the complexities of flash memory technology in a convenient “plug-and-play” package. In addition, there are advanced features of eMMC beyond just the reads and writes traditionally performed by storage media. eMMC provides performance, security and reliability features such as high-priority interrupt and secure erase.

Features in eMMC such as Secure Delete require support for the feature beyond the driver. If the file system doesn’t support the feature then the application will call to the file system, but the message sent from the file system won’t reach the storage media.

Datalight Reliance Nitro and FlashFXe support eMMC features

To enable this chain of events, the file system must interact with the application and storage media supporting key features. Reliance Nitro is the first step toward Datalight’s roadmap to support eMMC features that require file system awareness such as reliable write, packed commands and power off notification. By taking advantage of features at the hardware level, applications deliver a richer user experience. This gives the user control of functions at the file system and storage media levels such as tagging photos with names, places events or securely deleting key data


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