Architected for Reliability. Optimized for Performance.

For embedded developers using Windows Embedded CE 5.0-7.0, Win/CE, Windows Compact, WinMobile 6.0-6.5, or Windows Handheld, the Datalight Reliance NitroTM transactional file system provides better reliability, faster performance, and superior design flexibility compared to the native Embedded Windows file system TexFAT. Reliance Nitro works with a broad array of storage media – including NAND flash memory, RAM, hard disk, USB mass storage, SD/MMC, and e•MMC. Datalight works closely with Microsoft to ensure seamless integration for Windows Embedded devices.

Feature Reliance Nitro TexFAT

User data is never over-writen for reliability against corruption


Keeps data in known-good state for fast system reboot


Fast file operation performance


Configurable for control of data-at-risk

? Limited

Specifically designed for use with flash memory


Windows desktop driver available

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File level secure delete


Data exchangeability with any embedded operating system




Improved Performance for More Responsive Devices

Improve File System OperationsThe tree-based directory structure of Reliance Nitro enables much faster file operations than TexFAT, particularly when working with many small files. In a side-by- side test creating 1000 small files, then opening and deleting them, Reliance Nitro demonstrated much faster operational performance over TexFAT. The test also measured the time to create and delete a directory tree. As the results demonstrate, the way a file system handles metadata makes a big impact on device responsiveness.



Fault-tolerant During Power Loss

Consequences of FAT filesystem failureReliance Nitro is designed to withstand the harsh conditions and fluctuating power of embedded environments. During file updates, Reliance Nitro writes the data to a new block, leaving the original file intact, whereas TexFAT writes new data directly over the original file. When power is interrupted or the system fails, TexFAT files being written could be incomplete or corrupted. Since Reliance Nitro always leaves data in a known good state, the files remain corruption free, and incomplete writes automatically return to their stable former state. If the write transaction completes prior to the failure, the original (old) file is deleted.


Better Reliability Provides a Better User Experience

Data loss consequencesDevice reliability is multi-faceted; implications include everything from device corruption to a less than optimal user experience, creating real-world problems ranging from warranty returns to general annoyance, the enemy of customer loyalty. Because Reliance Nitro is a transactional file system, live data is never overwritten, making the system extremely fault tolerant, even after an uncontrolled system shutdown caused by power loss

or component failure. True transactional architecture means Reliance Nitro maintains complete metadata and file data integrity while providing the performance needed to create an optimal user experience. With Dynamic Transaction PointTM technology, developers have ultimate control over file system behavior.


Customizable for Any Use Case

Every file system must balance the tradeoff between data-at-risk and maximum data throughput. Only the Dynamic Transaction PointTM technology found in Reliance Nitro gives device manufacturers total control to find the ideal balance for any use case. This capability makes field upgrades fail-safe, for example, as these applications must update several files in an atomic fashion. If a power interruption were to occur before the update is complete, the application may not recover. This is easily accommodated with Reliance Nitro’s run-time configurable transaction points, where TexFAT falls short.

Software Development Kit

ANSI C source, Developer’s Guide, API reference, and validation utilities.

Licensing and Support

Flexible runtime license structure. Royalty-free options are available. Annual support subscriptions, with two service level options, give you e-mail and phone access to Datalight file system experts.

About Datalight

Datalight is the software expert for reliable data storage on devices. For over 25 years, Datalight has provided trusted solutions that have been deployed across all segments of the embedded industry—from cellphones to satellites to submarines. Our patented products have been proven to speed time to market for development platform and device manufacturers.