Examples of software managed media include raw NAND, raw NOR and devices such as Micron’s ClearNAND. These devices are typically chosen in situations where control and flexibility in flash sourcing are required. OEMs with concerns regarding flash endurance, reliability and wear leveling may choose software managed media for their devices to improve control over these variables. We tested common open source flash file systems UBIFS and JFFS2 alongside the Datalight flash file system (the combination of Reliance Nitro and FlashFX Tera).  The tests used a Digi ConnectCore board with an ARM 7 processor and Samsung NAND flash. On software managed media, Reliance Nitro with FlashFX Tera outperformed the other Linux flash file systems we tested.

Reliance Nitro with FlashFX Tera outperforms Linux Flash File Systems

Linux Flash File System Reads Speed Comparison

Linux Flash File System Writes Speed Comparison

Datalight Reliance Nitro and FlashFX Tera outperform UBIFS and JFFS2 as a result of the patented VBF (Variable Block Format) for efficient access to the flash. Datalight also partners closely with chip manufactures to fully support individual chip specifications.

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