Tools include:

Linux Toolset

with FlashFX Tera
FMSLTEST - extensively tests your flash configuration reads, writes and erases, to verify your configuration is correct.
FSIOTEST - a platform independent performance test for file systems
FXINFO - reports detailed information about the flash device, disk and driver
FXIMAGE - used to read and write flash or file system images while retaining individual bad block information
FXSHELL - an interactive command line interface to run FlashFX tools or tests
NAND Simulator - an NTM that can simulate NAND flash in RAM or a file
with Reliance Nitro
RelTest – a test suite for performing verification and performance tests
RelFSCheck –a tool that allows you to test the integrity of the Reliance disk
RelFSFormat –a formatting tool for using Reliance Nitro
FSIOTest –a platform independent performance test for file systems
Windows Driver – enabling Reliance Nitro to be used with a Windows XP- or Windows Vista-based desktop.


Planets Performance Flexibility Reliability Tool Set Support