Datalight Reliance Nitro is a transactional file system which replaces ext3 and ext4 in embedded Android systems and offers improved reliability, significantly increased performance for systems using many small files, and superior design flexibility. Its transactional architecture also provides consistently faster mount times, even after an unexpected shutdown or power loss.


Escape the consequences of unreliable dataDevice reliability is multi-faceted; implications include everything from device corruption to a less than optimal user experience, creating real-world problems ranging from warranty returns to general annoyance, the enemy of customer loyalty. Figure 1 diagrams the varying factors that contribute to device reliability and their corresponding impacts on the user. Because Reliance Nitro is a transactional file system, live data is never overwritten, making the system extremely fault tolerant, even after an uncontrolled system shutdown caused by power loss or component failure. Reliance Nitro was designed for harsh embedded environments to provide ultimate reliability for any use case.


Extent based design gives Reliance Nitro superior operational performance while dual meta-root architecture enables quick and consistent mount times. End users can rely on fast mount times even after disorderly shutdown.

 EXT4Reliance Nitro
Create 1000 Files 42.7 Seconds 0.8 Seconds
Delete 1000 Files 32.4 Seconds 0.1 Seconds
Create Dir Tree 268.3 Seconds 21.6 Seconds
Delete Dir Tree 157.6 Seconds 1.7 Seconds

Reliance Nitro Vs Ext3 and Ext4 Disk Mount Time

Design Flexibility

Developer Control over Data at Risk

Reliance Nitro uses Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology, giving developers run time configurable control over data at risk. This means devices being updated in the field are either 100% complete and operational, or (in the event of sudden power loss) automatically returned to their former state. The result is fewer warranty returns for partially upgraded (non-functional) units and easier support of equipment with long expected field life.

Storage Media Choice

Ext3 and Ext4 Block DiagramWhen used with Datalight FlashFX Tera, Reliance Nitro becomes a highly optimized flash file system. For Android developers using raw flash today who may be considering managed flash in the future, Reliance Nitro offers the ideal one-time integration solution, saving development time and resources.


Datalight is known throughout the embedded industry for providing world class support. Our technical support team has a strong commitment to making our customers’ devices work reliably, from testing to implementation. Our hard-earned reputation for great customer service means that Datalight regularly goes above and beyond to ensure your project will perform flawlessly, now and for years to come.



  EXT4 Reliance Nitro
Fault-tolerant during unexpected power loss Data &
Data &
Flexible transaction point settings,(automatic, timed, manual)    
Fast I/O Performance    
Fast metadata handling for many small files    
Power loss recovery time Variable Fast
Windows desktop driver available Unsupported  
Guaranteed support response time