Flash life is limited to the number of erase cycles for which your part is rated. By distributing write/erase cycles evenly throughout the flash, a properly executed wear-leveling algorithm can more than double the life of your product. FlashFX Pro uses both static and dynamic wear-leveling to achieve 133% longer life than MSFlash, the flash manager found in Windows CE and WindowsMobile. The charts below show a test comparison between a FlashFX Pro disk and one using MSFlash. Flash disks read and write data in a grid of erase blocks. Once a block reaches its maximum rated erase count, the flash is at risk of lost or corrupted data, becoming a "broken" device. For this test, we recorded the erase counts by block and applied a heat map ranging from white (lowest use) to green (medium use), to black (highest use). As the heatmap shows, the MSFlash disk contains many blocks that are well over their rated lifespan, while other blocks are barely used. The FlashFX Pro disk shows what happens when proper wear-leveling algorithms are employed. All blocks are evenly worn and within a tight range of erase counts, making your handheld last more than twice as long, and protecting the reputation for durability you've worked hard for. Compare WindowsMobile to Datalight FlashFX Pro and Reliance, and you can see why the world's leading device manufacturers choose Datalight software.

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