You have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort bringing your design to life, and now it’s time to make sure your system is functional and reliable. But what‘s the most effective way to do this? Existing tests may fit your needs, or maybe your design requires a new one to be developed from scratch. Either way, Datalight’s engineers can:

  • Apply 20+ years of reliability experience into ensuring you create a test plan that best fits your specific design
  • Identify areas of testing you may not have considered, or have previously not tested
  • Work with your team to implement the right tests, and provide guidance for your team
  • Help develop power loss testing for your system that closely mirrors your in-field use case, so you can capture any power-related shortcomings in your system design before these devices reach the field
  • Offer custom engineering services related to test development – translating our expertise into your reliable offering
Tests (provided as part of the product source code) 



These tests validate that everything is functional an help you identify if configuration is optimal 


These tests enable you to detect if performance is optimized for your use case


Power loss testing and multi-threaded stress test gauge data reliability