Embedded Design & Development

If you are in the development phase for your project and need advice on optimizing boot time, file systems, flash media management, or reliability, ask Datalight. For three decades, our engineers have helped companies produce highly successful projects in an array of industries, including automotive, industrial, medical and more. Datalight engineers possessthe expertise and experience to: 

  • Work with your team to implement your file system, block device, or testing frameworks 
  • Review your design, identify any software or flash media hardware pitfalls that may derail your project, and provide suggestions to avoid them
  • Apply its vast experience assisting customers with goals similar to your own to ensure RTOS changes and software upgrades are implemented into your design without interruption
  • Provide custom engineering services where needed (file system, or block device implementation, or special feature development for these pieces) to help you get to market more quickly