Need time? Delegate to the experts at Datalight.

Let Datalight help youOur seasoned embedded systems experts can take tasks off your to-do list to let you focus on the things for which only you are the master. Need design review? Coding assistance? Just can’t quite find that pesky bug? Sometimes another set of eyes and brainpower can be the difference between perpetual schedule delays and on-time delivery.

Datalight offers software and engineering resources with a focus on improving system startup time, data reliability and performance of devices using flash memory-based storage. We have decades of experience in a variety of embedded operating systems, from Linux and VxWorks to FreeRTOS and proprietary RTOSs. Our engineers have worked with hardware design in addition to software and can consult on overall system design.


  • System startup optimization
  • Storage system design review
  • Root cause analysis of storage failures
  • Flash memory selection and validation
  • Test application development and automation
  • Power failure testing
  • Customer driver and file system development
  • Problem isolation and analysis
  • Code review and documentation
  • Asynchronous programming challenges


  • Embedded engineering experience of team members averages 10 years, with senior staff and architects each having 20+ years.
  • Operating system expertise ranging from simple schedulers and microkernels to complex Linux implementations.
  • Agile project management, certified SCRUM masters
  • Requirements definition and compliance to coding standards
  • Extensive C and C++ coding experience
  • Electrical engineering and PCB design
  • Java, shell scripting, and Python