Comparative Study of Flash Storage for Embedded Devices

Embedded Flash Based Data Storage Technology

As mobile and embedded products become smaller, thinner, lighter, and more powerful, flash memory has replaced traditional rotating magnetic disk drives as the preferred storage media. As device manufacturers move increasingly to flashbased systems, they have an overwhelming variety of flash parts to choose from, each with its own unique blend of benefits and liabilities.

So how do you choose between different storage technologies for your embedded project? And what impact do other system components (operating system, device driver, and even applications) have on the end user experience?

In this paper we will identify what you need to know about flash memory and its surrounding ecosystem to determine what storage technology will best fit your next embedded project's data storage requirements.

Although flash memory has a huge enterprise and consumer presence, we will examine the current state of the art from a host software perspective primarily for the industrial user.

The first edition of "A Comparative Study of Flash Storage Technology for Embedded Devices" was published in 2012 and as flash memory standards change so quickly, it is Datalight's intention to update this report annually.