Webinar - File Systems in IoT: Best Practices for Dealing with the 500 Zettabyte Deluge

File Systems in IoTEmbedded devices are gathering more data each year. By 2020, it is estimated that data generated from edge devices will top 500 zettabytes annually. And the data that is collected is being used to empower new business models and sources of revenue. To be successful, IoT devices need reliable storage and secure, immediate access to that data. 

While storing that data reliably is a key concern, testing the storage solution is increasingly required for security. 

Developers have previously extended their applications to log data. This simple strategy has been most effective for error reports and crash logs, but can fall short in a world with more data from more sensors. 

Join Datalight and Micrium to discover the benefits of using a file system in your IoT edge device and learn about off-the-shelf solutions that can streamline your development and testing. Suggestions for tying reliability into the application are also examined, providing attendees with the knowledge that will result in superior embedded product design tailored for Internet of Things

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