Webinar - Fixing Inefficiencies that Plague IoT Projects

IoT Inefficiencies WebinarEmbedded systems have always required resource efficiency but that need is growing. With more code added to handle increasing amounts of data (gathering, storing, analyzing and transmitting), embedded devices for the Internet of Things have an even greater need for efficiency. Micrium and Datalight are focused on meeting those needs.

This presentation details the efficient Micro C/OS kernel and scheduler and also shows how the Reliance Edge file system makes best use of memory space in a completely reliable fashion. These two solutions together provide more than just efficiency, they offer flexibility and reliability to developers of embedded devices.

Attendees of this Webinar will gain insight into the highly efficient scheduling code that makes Micrium’s µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III kernels ideal platforms for projects in which minimizing resource usage is key. The two kernels, in addition to making the most of every CPU cycle, offer developers a compact memory footprint, and the Webinar will highlight memory usage statistics and cover kernel configurations for optimal RAM and Flash consumption.  This material will leave attendees with an understanding of how Micrium’s kernels and Datalight’s Reliance Edge file system can be used to overcome challenging design requirements in resource-constrained systems. 

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