Datasheet: ROM-DOS

Essential Operating System for x86 Devices

Small Footprint Foundational Operating System

ROM-DOS is a MS-DOS compatible operating system engineered specifically for embedded developers, delivering such features as kernel level FAT32 and Long File Name support. ROM-DOS has never lost its focus on embedded developers; Datalight continues to offer source code modules in library and assembly format that allow developers control over their DOS. Requiring as little as 186 CPU and a small amount of disk space, it is an essential DOS environment for OEMs and system developers. 

Most direct access to x86 Software
Supports 186 or higher processor
Long file name support
Relocatable executable (RXE) minimizes RAM requirements
Flexible configuration options
Build DOS 7.1 or 6.22 kernals from same codebase
Dynamic Device Driver loading detects hardware and loads necessary drivers
Run underneath or along side another operating system


RXE, BUILD Utility, and Dynamic Device Driver Loading

Relocatable Executable (RXE) minimizes RAM by running applications out of ROM. Application programs can be easily converted to have the code run from ROM using the feature in ROM-DOS. The conversion process is completely transparent to the application program.

ROM-DOS BUILD Utility enables developers to include or exclude a variety of features such as Kernel options, device drivers, FAT32 & Long File Name support, and other ROM-DOS capabilities. Customization can generate smaller ROM-DOS images, providing more memory for application and data storage.

The ROM-DOS BUILD Utility allows you to create powerful DOS 7.1 or 6.22 kernels from the same code base. Dynamic Device Driver Loading provides the ability to detect hardware and load device drivers dynamically, enabling ROM-DOS to configure itself for any given environment.

Stable Device Operation

ROM-DOS provides the closest, most direct access to x86 hardware – no other operating system can be integrated this closely with underlying hardware. This ability allows ROM-DOS to serve as a foundational operating system. Used in this manner, ROM-DOS stabilizes the underlying device operation, creating a consistent environment in which the companion OS can run to its full potential.

Target Configuration 186 or higher processor
Required Disk Space 48k to 90k ROM or Flash. Exact size varies with developer's configuration
For Internet Connectivity Requires a packet driver or modem connection
For use with Flash Memory Compatible with Datalight FlashFX Pro


Connectivity Tools

ROM-DOS incorporates a suite of tools, including a compact TCP/IP stack, that
is designed to support the embedded device market from stand-alone to Internet-

ROM-DOS supports applications that provide embedded systems with the
ability to send and receive e-mail, securely transfer files via FTP, run a private
remote console or be viewed from a local web browser.

ROM-DOS Software Development Kit

The ROM-DOS Software Development Toolkit (SDTK) includes the Borland C
compiler and linker, Turbo Assembler, as well as tools developed by Datalight
for use specifically with Datalight products.

Included in the toolkit are: utilities, libraries, sample device driver source code,
networking example code, a developers guide and a users guide.

Support and Licensing

Datalight is committed to providing excellent technical support to help OEMs
keep projects on schedule.

Datalight support engineers are available via e-mail, website and telephone.

Distribution of ROM-DOS binary code is allowed under the terms of the Datalight License Agreement which must be executed prior to any distribution.

Distribution of ROM-DOS source code is not allowed.

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