Eurotech Ruggedized Single Board Computers - Success Story

Eurotech, the leader in small form factor and low power embedded systems, designs and manufactures single board computers, platforms, and packaged systems for a wide range of industries including digital signage, multimedia, communications, wireless, medical, point of sale and industrial engineering. The company specializes in cost-effective configurable solutions and is known worldwide for their capable and experienced engineering and support teams in the field of hardware and system design, embedded operating systems and communications protocols. Eurotech products are designed for reliable, long term use, from initial concept through complete electronic, mechanical and software design, to extended lifetime support. Eurotech also offers comprehensive ready-to-run development tools to help customers get their products to market in the shortest possible time frame. OEMs that use Eurotech designs appreciate the easy integration “off-the-shelf” aspect of their general purpose embedded computer boards.

Several years ago, one of Eurotech’s customers began experiencing a high rate of early failure in a particular device. Premature wear of flash memory is a common problem when basic (OS-included) flash drivers are used. In their search for a solution, Eurotech engineers discovered Datalight FlashFX Pro, the industry standard in intelligent flash management software. Unlike “free” drivers, FlashFX Pro employs a patented mix of static and dynamic wear leveling algorithms proven to extend the lifespan of flash.

By implementing FlashFX Pro, Eurotech was able to stop their customer’s premature field failures. After testing FlashFX Pro further against a number of competitors including Microsoft’s FTL and Intel’s iPSM drivers, Eurotech decided to use Datalight FlashFX Pro on all their ARM-based platforms running Windows Embedded CE. In addition to extending the life of flash, the Datalight solution supports over 300 flash parts out of the box, providing the flexibility needed to fulfill Eurotech’s mission to get customer designs to market as quickly as possible.

A few years later, when a customer was having issues with sluggish performance related to the “free” file system, Eurotech engineers tried replacing it with Datalight Reliance. Once again, Eurotech engineers noticed the improvement over standard software included with the operating system. One of the few true transactional file systems available, Reliance allows engineers to custom tailor the balance between fast performance and data integrity, delivering both rock solid reliability and optimal performance for any use case. Eurotech now offers Reliance on many of its ARM computer board designs.

“Datalight software definitely has reduced our say substantially would be an understatement,” said Bruce Eitman, formerly Eurotech’s Director of Windows CE Development (now Field Applications Engineer). “Also, working with the Datalight support team has been a real pleasure. They are extremely responsive and make it easy for us to keep our commitment to providing the fastest possible time-to-market for our customers.”