Reliable NAND Ethernet Solution – Alcatel-Lucent

The Challenge

The OmniSwitch 6250 (OS6250) is a new family of 10/100 L2+ Ethernet workgroup switches that provide tremendous value to enterprise and to multiple service operators (MSOs). The family provides a complete solution with built-in optical and copper uplinks, fault-tolerant stacking and Power over Ethernet.

The OS6250 is built on a new hardware chipset running a mature software base including the VxWorks operating system. The hardware chosen by the Alcatel-Lucent engineering team dictated new NAND- flash chips that were not well supported by the software base. The team wrestled with the best way to use the new and cost-effective NAND parts without introducing bugs in the drivers or file system software and causing software support problems.

The Datalight Solution

Alcatel-Lucent considered in house development combining a NAND flash driver from the chip vendor with the flash file system from an older release of VxWorks, but decided it would take too long. Datalight FlashFX Pro and Reliance were chosen to speed up development time, reduce risk, and avoid future support issues. Development went smoothly and on-schedule, and the Alcatel-Lucent team was able to concentrate their resources on the product instead of flash file system development, maintenance and support.

The Customer Payoff

Customers using the OmniSwitch 6250 will notice smoother, more responsive performance, thanks to the professional flash management provided by FlashFX Pro. The improved reliability of Reliance means fewer hassles and an Ethernet system that will work exactly as designed for years to come. “Our customers will benefit from a robust flash file system that combines high performance and freedom from potential file system problems caused by power failures,” said Bryan Dietz, Alcatel-Lucent Senior Systems Architect.