TCPIP for Embedded – Networking

Datalight SOCKETS™ is the best way to Internet-enable an embedded system because it is compatible, flexible and affordable. Any ROM-DOS environment with a modem or network interface card can be connected to the Internet in a matter of minutes rather than the days or weeks required by compile-in networking libraries. By including SOCKETS in ROM-DOS, Datalight lowers the entry cost and early risk associated with complex and costly competitive products.

Product Details

Datalight SOCKETS provides standard communications applications and the facilities to run custom-written applications, allowing you to:

  • Run applications on a TCP/IP host system from a remote embedded system
  • Transfer data between an embedded system and TCP/IP hosts
  • Run network aware applications on an embedded system
  • Print to an embedded system from TCP/IP hosts and vice versa
Datalight SOCKETS consists of:
  • A TSR kernel that:
    • Connects to a physical Ethernet or Token Ring network using a network interface with associated Packet Driver and/or to a point-to-point serial network using standard serial communication ports with or without modem dial in/out
    • Implements standard Internet protocols ARP, PPP, LCP, IPCP, IPv6CP, PAP, CHAP MD5, IP, IPv6, ICMP, ICMPv6, IGMP, RIP, UDP, TCP, BOOTP, DHCP and DNS
    • Provides IP routing support for IPv4
    • Provides two Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
    • Provides a Socket Print client
    • Provides a Socket Print Server and LPD Server
    • Optionally keeps MIB II status and statistical information.
  • C libraries and source code to access the APIs including a TCP/IP Sockets library implementing the BSD Sockets abstraction; the libraries also support 32-bit applications using a DOS extender
  • A SOCKETS kernel building program
  • A SOCKETS configuration program
  • Utility programs to test the network and display the status of the kernel
  • Mail programs in binary format
  • Resident servers for FTP, HTTP and Remote Console including a CGI API for serving dynamic web-pages and a Remote Console Java applet to emulate a DOS console of the embedded system on a Java capable browser
  • A Telnet client including an ANSI/VT emulator
  • An FTP client and a simple HTTP file GET utility
  • Print clients for Socket printing and LPD printing (LPR)
  • A resident FTP API to implement FTP client/server functionality in user written programs
  • A resident RFC compliant NETBIOS API
  • Utilities to validate integrity and quality of all kernel APIs

Sockets Single User Version

This download adds drop-in networking features to the Single User Version of ROM-DOS™. Datalight's Networking Suite is founded within SOCKETS™, a DOS TSR TCP/IP stack which interfaces to Ethernet including 802.11 via standard packet drivers as well as to modems and serial lines via standard com ports using PPP. SOCKETS offers a powerful, compact, high throughput kernel. The Sockets Internet suite adds many pre-built utilities including E-Mail Applications, Web Server, Security Features, File Transfer Protocol Client and Server and Remote Console mode.

The ROM-DOS Single User Version is licensed for use on a single non-commercial system. For commercial licenses a Datalight License Agreement must be fully executed. Contact Datalight or an authorized Datalight representative for pricing.

For complete ROM-DOS options, including the custom build utility, SOCKETS, and full support, OEMs can purchase the ROM-DOS Software Development Kit.

The Network Add-On is available as an electronic download. It is comprised of the following:

  • SOCKETP* - Ethernet TCP/IP stack
  • SOCKETM - Serial/PPP Ethernet TCP/IP Stack
  • User's Guide - Documentation in PDF format
  • Example configuration files
  • List of Utilities
  • Support is available via electronic e-mail only at

*Note on SOCKETP
The use of SOCKETP requires the presence of a packet driver. Packet drivers are normally found on the manufacturer device driver diskette. The packet driver specification can be found at along with a list of available packet drivers. Please refer to the User's Guide for further setup and configuration information.
Internet Connectivity

The web server comes in two varieties; httpd handles HTTP services while httpftpd handles both HTTP and FTP services. Both servers are small, fast, reliable and extendable web servers that can run as either an application or TSR.
E-Mail Applications

There are three separate e-mail applications provided: makemail which creates a mail message; sendmail which sends the message; and getmail which retrieves messages. Learn more Technical Details.