ROM-DOS Single User Version

The ROM-DOS™ Single User Version is a DOS solution perfect for desktop users and OEMs wanting a single seat drop in replacement DOS. The ROM-DOS Single User Version includes both 6.22 and 7.1 kernels. Long File Names (LFN) are supported along with a full DOS utility suite and is available for electronic download. Documentation is provided in electronic form.

The ROM-DOS Single User Version is licensed for use on a single non-commercial system. For commercial licenses a Datalight License Agreement must be fully executed. Contact Datalight or an authorized Datalight representative for pricing.

For complete ROM-DOS options, including the custom build utility, SOCKETS™, and full support, OEMs can purchase the ROM-DOS Software Development Kit.

Features and Benefits

  • Binary Only - The ROM-DOS 6.22 and 7.1 kernels are supplied along with a complete suite of DOS utilities. The type of kernel is selected during the "sys" process. No compiling or configuring is necessary. ROM-DOS SUV is ready to drop into an existing system.
  • LFN Support - ROM-DOS supports Long File Names on all industry standard DOS Media. LFNs are supported within the kernel, without the need to load a device driver.
  • Support - Support is available via e-mail only at

Version Comparison

MS-DOS 6.22
Execute from ROM Yes No No
Customizable Kernel    Yes No No
Dynamic Device Driver Yes No No
TCP/IP Stack Yes No No
Delivery Method CD Electronic No Longer Supplied
Development Tools Yes No No
Source Code Yes No No
Product Support Full Limited Third Party
FAT 32 Support Kernel Kernel No
FAT 12/16 Support Kernel Kernel Kernel
LFN Support Kernel Kernel No
Create ROM Executables Yes No No
Utility Suite Yes Yes Yes


ROM-DOS Benefits

Embedded Design Features - ROM-DOS was specifically designed for use in embedded systems, and its features make it uniquely suited to embedded devices. These features include a custom ROM-DOS Kernel BUILD Utility.
Foundational OS - ROM-DOS provides the closest, most direct access to x86 hardware. No other operating system can be integrated this closely with underlying hardware. This unique ability allows ROM-DOS to serve as a foundational operating system, running either underneath or alongside another operating system. Used in this manner, ROM-DOS stabilizes the underlying device operation, creating a consistent environment in which the companion OS can run to its full potential.
Connectivity Tools - ROM-DOS incorporates a suite of tools, including a compact TCP/IP stack that is designed to advance the embedded device market from stand-alone to Internet-enabled. ROM-DOS supports applications that provide embedded systems with the ability to send and receive e-mail, securely transfer files via FTP, run a private remote console or be viewed from a local web browser.

See Files included in Single User ROM-DOS 6.22 Kernel