eMMC Performance Gap

FlashFXe™ is the only storage acceleration software for eMMC that dramatically improves random write performance—closing the “performance gap” —while improving endurance and reducing power consumption of your embedded device. Designed to be used with the Datalight Reliance Nitro file system, FlashFXe has been developed by the experts that created the FlashFX® family of flash memory management tools--the top choice for data-critical applications from leading OEMs for decades. Datalight’s responsive and accessible support engineering staff will help streamline your development and get your project done quickly and efficiently.


Work Faster

System responsiveness is a top requirement for all embedded devices. Most flash media marketing highlights best case sequential performance and shows impressive throughput. Random I/O metrics can be much different. And in the real world, all I/O is random I/O. FlashFXe + Reliance Nitro closes the performance gap by bringing random write performance up to sequential speeds.


Live Longer

The lifespan of flash is becoming dramatically shorter, dropping from over 100,000 cycles to under 5,000 in just a few years. While acceptable for many semi-disposable consumer applications, industrial and long-lived embedded applications need strategies to extend flash life if they are to take advantage of the cost and performance benefits of newer parts. The efficiency of Datalight software allows far less data to be written compared to the basic Linux solution.

emmc FlashFXe

Save Power

Reduced power consumption means extended working time for battery-powered devices, a key differentiator. Datalight software reduces the workload significantly which not only minimizes power consumption at the flash subsystem level to 1/6th of basic software configuration but frees the system to allow power-hungry peripherals to sleep more often.

eMMC FlashFXe Power Usage

Test Setup:
PandaBoard ES RevB
Micron 16GiB eMMC
Android 4.1.1
3.2.0+ Linux Kernel 

How FlashFXe Works

FlashFXe provides performance and endurance benefits for OEMs building embedded systems using e-MMC for ease of integration and supply chain resilience.

With flash-aware allocation, intelligent synchronization and host RAM caching, FlashFXe balances the write patterns of the application with the write patterns most suited to eMMC flash to enhance performance and minimize write amplification. Critical data integrity and reliability our customers expect from Reliance Nitro is uncompromised.. Intelligent synchronization combines Datalight software's reliability benefits with performance, offering users the flexibility to synchronize data to the media as and when necessary, all the time maintaining the critical data ordering.

FlashFXe is especially suitable for multi-function mobile or portable devices with installable applications that rely on databases and offers power-saving benefits for battery powered devices.


Features and Benefits



Flash-aware Allocation

Host RAM Caching

Improves random write performance by up to 5 times compared to basic Linux and Android configurations Extends flash life by up to 7 times, with 92% less wear of parts
Consumes 1/6th the power at the storage subsystem and lets power-hungry peripherals sleep more Overall, reduced cost of device usage and development when compared to generally available solutions.

Intelligent Synchronization   Works with Reliance Nitro Dynamic Transaction Point technology to preserve critical data ordering while optimizing performance
Power-fail safe Reliability for critical data
Fast Format and Mount Operations Enables “instant-on” experience
Datalight flash management expertise and best-in-class technical support Smooth, seamless development time


Product Specifications

Linux FlashFXe driver

Fig 1: Linux FlashFXe driver


Target Configuration

32-bit OS, any CPU, NOR and/or NAND flash memory, 100 KB RAM (typical)

Development System

Linux host; 4 MB of disk space; sufficient RAM for development tools

In-System Memory Space

70 KB to 110 KB (tunable, based on disk partition configuration)

Media Volume Size

Each partition (or disk) can be scaled from 64 KB to 2 TB.
Number of disks is configurable

Page Size

Native page support and small block emulation for 512 byte to 32 KB

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