Flash Media Managers for Rapid Development of Reliable Products in the FlashFX® Family include FlashFX® Pro and FlashFX® Tera. Use the following chart to help determine which product is right for you.


FlashFX Tera

FlashFX Pro

Support for flash parts from all major vendors 300+ flash parts including MLC NAND 200 flash parts
Coverage of flash types Supports all types of SLC NAND, MLC NAND, SLC and MLC NOR, fusion flash (ie: OneNAND), and EZ-NAND Does not support MLC NAND
Supported flash array size Up to 2TB per device Maximum of 2GB per device
Support for Windows Mobile Currently not supported Available for Windows Mobile
Error Corrections

4-bit detection and correction in software

Pluggable ECC to plug other ECC implementations

Support for hardware ECCs

2-bit detection, 1-bit correction

Support for hardware ECCs

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