An ExFAT-Compatible File System from the File System Experts

ExFAT file system for  
all OS's

XCFilesTM is a design-ready, Microsoft ExFAT-compatible file system for next generation devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, multi-function print­ers, smart phones, portable gaming players, and personal navigation devices. Datalight XCFiles makes it possible for device manufacturers using non- Microsoft operating systems to sup­port the latest SD Card Association standard for extended capacity stor­age cards (SDXC). By using XCFiles, OEMs reduce development costs and risks associated with writing their own ExFAT implementation and get to market faster. XCFiles is the quickest route to successful products from the file system experts.

Software Development Kit

ANSI C source, Developer’s Guide including API reference.

  • Save 2-3 man years of work implementing ExFAT
  • Speed time to market for your device
  • Strong integration with SDXC driver for optimized performanc
  • Backed by Datalight support and 27 years of embedded industry experience
  • Ships in source code
  • Can be ported to any 32-bit operating system
  • Supports file size over 4GB with maximum theoretical size of 2TB
  • Supports cluster size up to 32MB
  • Supports faster look-up for free space allocation and faster deletes with free space bitmap
  • Full compliance with SD Association ExFAT

For More Information

Contact Us or view the XCFiles Frequently Asked Questions document