Datalight Reliance Nitro™ is a transactional file system created specifically to protect critical system and user data from corruption in embedded devices where power loss may occur. It ensures rock-solid data reliability while providing the performance to deliver an optimal user experience, and it works with a broad array of storage media – including flash memory, RAM, hard disk, USB mass storage, SD/MMC, e•MMC and UFS– and virtually any 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

The speed of file and directory access is improved by several orders of magnitude while maintaining complete metadata and file data integrity. The unique combination of tree-based directory architecture, extent-based design and faster atomic transactions, gives a performance benefit for I/O throughput and metadata operations. Developers also receive unprecedented control over the file system with Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology.

Reliance Nitro is optimized for use on consumer electronics and industrial devices like smart phones, navigation devices and ruggedized handheld computers It is an ideal upgrade from Linux, VxWorks and Windows Embedded CE file systems.

Features and Benefits



Dynamic Transaction Point technology - Customize the balance between performance and data at risk. All writes are atomic.

Take Control of Device Reliability
Eliminate data corruption without sacrificing performance

No CHKDISK utility necessary, even after unexpected power loss.

Fast Boot Time
Reliance boots in under one second

eMMC Support for advanced features like secure delete 

Securely Delete a File
Utilize features in eMMC to gain competitive advantage

Multi-threaded architecture reduces latency between multiple file access requests.  

Uninterrupted Media Playback
High-quality multi-media experience

performance-enhancing discard interface is provided for NAND and NOR; other block device drivers are supported (incl. RAM, DOC, SD/MMC, USB).
Full ANSI C source code is available  

Design Flexibility
Freedom of hardware choice

Best in class, highly responsive technical support 
SDKs available for Linux,  VxWorks, Windows CE and Windows Mobile
RTOS Porting (with POSIX-like functions) for any 32-bit RTOS, including proprietary operating systems. 


Faster Time to Market
Save development costs


Reliance-formatted media can be accessed from a Windows desktop system when the Reliance Nitro Windows Driver is installed

Data Exchangeability
Allows for seamless data exchange between the device and the host PC

CRC32 for file data and metadata Continuous monitoring of data integrity for ultimate reliability