Embedded Flash File System & Flash Memory Drivers

Datalight provides trusted software solutions for data storage devices.

File Systems

Reliance Nitro


Reliance Edge



Reliance Nitro high performance file system improves the speed of file and directory access by several orders of magnitude, while continuing to deliver the rock-solid reliability of its Reliance heritage. The unique combination of tree-based directory architecture, extent based design, and faster atomic transactions, gives a performance benefit for I/O throughput and metadata operations.


Datalight Reliance Edge™ is the only file system that offers the power failsafe reliability and deterministic behavior required by today’s autonomous systems. Ultra-compact, configurable and MISRA C:2012 compliant, Reliance Edge works with any block device storage media. It supports FreeRTOS, INTEGRITY, µC/OS, ARM mbed, MQX is easily ported to other operating systems, and is available via open source and commercial licensing options.

  Datalight Reliance file system was designed from the ground up for high reliability applications. Dynamic Transaction PointTM technology provides 100% immunity from file corruption, even after unexpected system interruption. Embedded applications can benefit from faster boot times that remain consistent for the life of the product, regardless of disk size.
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Flash Memory Drivers

FlashFX Tera

FlashFX Pro


Datalight FlashFX Tera is an intelligent flash media manager (block device driver) for embedded devices using resident flash memory for mass storage.

  • Supports MLC and SLC NAND and NOR, OneNAND, and OrNAND
  • Works with an extensive list of NAND controllers
  • Includes support for over 300 flash parts
FlashFX Pro is an intelligent flash media manager with support for SLC NOR and NAND. Improve IOPS by 21 times. FlashFXe™ is the only eMMC driver for Linux that dramatically reduces write amplification -- a key shortcoming of solid-state storage-- improving performance, increasing endurance and reducing power consumption of your embedded device.
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Operating System


Datalight ROMDOS is a lowcost DOS replacement.

  • Specifically designed to be the operating system for x86 devices
  • Uniquely suited for use in embedded systems with features such as kernel level
  • FAT32 and long file name support
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