Datalight to Release Reliance Nitro 5.0

Datalight’s Major Release of Reliance Nitro 5.0 Offers Early Warning of Media Failure; Improves Performance for Long-lived Devices

Reliance Nitro 5.0 Introduces Smart Discards for Enhanced Performance on eMMC, SD Media and Hierarchical CRCs for Improved Detection of Media Failure

BOTHELL, Wash. – April 28, 2017 – In early May Datalight will introduce Reliance Nitro 5.0, the latest version of its industry-leading fault-tolerant embedded file system, that provides progressive capabilities for early detection of failures in flash memory-based storage media. Together, with advanced handling of data using its Smart Discard feature, this new version offers customers even better performance, reliability, and failsafe lifetime for their embedded devices across a wide variety of operating systems.

This release introduces key new features, Smart Discards and Hierarchical CRCs, which together are unique to the Reliance Nitro file system. It also includes improved synchronization with FlashFX Tera that delivers better performance and flash media lifetime, and support for Linux kernels have been upgraded through 4.10.

“Our customers build things that require the data in their devices to be reliable, sometimes years beyond their warranty period, so we’re always reaching beyond the traditional boundaries between software and hardware to ensure reliability,” said Datalight’s VP of Engineering Tony Questad. “With Reliance Nitro we’ve broken new ground in responding to hardware failures and the impact of storage media, and we’re excited to help our customers keep their products working well in the field beyond their anticipated EOL.”

The way operating systems handle operations like deletes and formats result in unanticipated progressive performance degradation of write operations, because  low-level operation of managed flash media differs significantly from hard drives. Discards enable managed flash media to more efficiently handle garbage collection, which would otherwise slow future write operations to the involved blocks.

Reliance Nitro’s Smart Discard algorithms provide the best performance at all times, instead of having to choose between a decrease in performance without discards and an increase in latency with discards. Smart discards defer discard requests until they are larger, or until they can be performed in the background, ensuring other processes don’t suffer slowdowns in performance.

Poor flash management can deliver old data to the block device, creating problems for many devices. The new hierarchical CRCs included in Reliance Nitro 5.0 guarantee every live block on the file system volume is correct and current, so the data on the device can be trusted.

CRCs detect media corruption and are employed by many file systems but they do not identify when blocks were corrupted or whether they are current. The hierarchical CRCs in Reliance Nitro 5.0 verify that each block of metadata is correct and current, so if stale data is ever written, the file system will detect and return an error, providing greater visibility into where the error occurred.

Reliance Nitro was designed from the ground up for high-performance applications. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology provides immunity from file corruption, even after unexpected system interruption. Embedded applications can benefit from faster boot times after power loss, regardless of disk size. Datalight flash file system products are available on VxWorks, Windows Embedded Compact, Linux and many other RTOS operating systems.

This product is available immediately from Datalight and its worldwide network of resellers. Existing customers who have current Technical Support and Maintenance Agreements are eligible to receive this version for no additional fee by contacting Datalight.


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