Bothell, WA, – June 22, 2010 – Datalight announced today XCFiles, a design-ready exFAT-compatible file system for next-generation extended capacity SD (SDXC) cards. The SD Card Association will require use of Microsoft’s exFAT format on all SDXC cards, which are available in 32GB-2TB densities. Given the predominance of SD card use in consumer devices, analysts expect broad industry adoption of exFAT within the next few years.

“HD Video and other high-demand applications will create a compelling need for high-density storage capacities in most consumer electronic and computer devices,” said Tom Coughlin, Founder and Chairman of the Storage Visions Conferences and President of Coughlin Associates, “The SDXC format is coming at the perfect time to meet this demand by bringing large storage capacities into a very small footprint.”

XCFiles will be of strong interest to OEMs whose products need to support SDXC cards but who are using operating systems that do have native support for exFAT. Using Datalight XCFiles will enable those manufacturers to get to market more quickly than writing their own exFAT-compatible file system.

“We are pleased to offer OEMs a commercial-grade, ready-made file system that supports the exFAT format,” said Roy Sherrill, Datalight CEO, “In addition to preserving time-to-market advantage, our customers will also benefit from Datalight’s years of expertise in file system development, testing and support across a wide range of operating systems.”

XCFiles ships in source code and supports standard POSIX APIs, making it portable to virtually any RTOS or it can be used in designs that do not use an operating system. With support for file sizes greater that 4GB, large numbers of directory entries, XCFiles is a good match for consumer devices with a high data storage demand.

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