BOTHELL, Wa – July 2, 2013 Today Datalight announced availability of its Reliance Nitro power fail-safe file system that supports Linux kernels up to 3.7.x. This release also includes a utility to convert customer’s older Reliance Nitro 2.x formatted file systems to the more robust 3.0.2 version in-place, preserving end user data. An update to the Reliance Nitro Windows Driver that allows data exchangeability with Microsoft Windows-based desktop computers is included as well.

Customers have built millions of devices using our highly-reliable file system,said Ken Whitaker, Datalight VP of Engineering. Now they can convert data stored in the older Reliance Nitro format to 3.0.2 in-place and in the field to take advantage of its advanced error checking capabilities that detect problems caused by media failure.

At the heart of Datalight’s new file system diagnostics are full metadata and optional file data CRCs (Cyclic Redundancy Checks), which enable developers to continuously monitor data reliability in any embedded system. Unlike basic file systems such as ext4 and TexFAT, Reliance Nitro is capable of monitoring both user data and metadata to detect inconsistencies and provide early warning of imminent flash failure and/or data corruption.

As flash memory manufacturers create smaller dies with more bits per cell, bit errors and data corruption are becoming bigger problems for device developers and users with minimum data reliability requirements. Undiscovered problems with data can cause system failure hours or days later, often leaving no trace of what caused them. By allowing continuous monitoring of data reliability on key files, Reliance Nitro effectively ensures reliable operations of these devices.

Customers with valid Technical Support and Maintenance contracts with Datalight are eligible to receive the update to Reliance Nitro 3.0.2 at no charge. OEMs are encouraged to contact their

Datalight representative. The release will also be available through Datalight resellers worldwide.

The Reliance Nitro file system was designed from the ground up for high performance applications. Dynamic Transaction PointTM technology provides 100% immunity from file corruption, even after unexpected system interruption. Reliance Nitro goes through extensive reliability testing, including more than 2 million random power cycle tests without a failure. Embedded applications can benefit from faster boot times that remain consistent for the life of the product, regardless of disk size. Datalight products are available on VxWorks, Windows Embedded Compact, Windows Embedded Handheld, Linux and many other operating systems.

About Datalight

Datalight, Inc. headquartered just north of Seattle, Wash., develops technologies to enable risk- free mobile data. Datalight file system and device driver software ensures reliability, performance and flexibility, and is used worldwide on many of today’s most well-known devices. For more information, visit our website at or call 800.221.6630.