BOTHELL, WA – June 30, 2014

Today Datalight announced availability of an upgraded version of its Reliance Nitro flash-friendly file that improves support of real-time patches for Linux, giving developers a reliable file system option for devices that need higher levels of predictability and consistency.

Version 3.2.3 of Reliance Nitro also offers a host of customization options that surpasses what is available on any other file system for Linux. Developers of embedded devices can now easily control data-at-risk parameters even at runtime which lets them optimize performance in their systems without risking unexpected data loss or corruption. Delivered in source code with robust set of test tools, the product has everything developers need to integrate the product and compare it to alternatives in a plethora of configurations.

“Our customers are those Linux developers who build embedded products that have to have rock-solid reliability and long-lived endurance,” said Ken Whitaker, Datalight VP of Engineering. “Those customers who also need the more predictable and consistent behavior of real-time Linux can integrate Reliance Nitro with confidence.”

“When consistency is paramount to system performance, Reliance Nitro offers another important benefit to Linux developers," said Thom Denholm, Datalight Technical Product Manager. "The structure of our file system provides mount time consistency, regardless of whether the shutdown is orderly or due to a power failure. In addition, mount times do not vary with volume size or usage."

Embedded applications can benefit from faster mount times that remain consistent for the life of the product, regardless of disk size, usage or shutdown state. File system mount time testing under a wide variety of conditions (from a freshly formatted file system to one that had seen extensive use and in both normal and unexpected shutdown scenarios) showed that Reliance Nitro had a coefficient of variation of 0.094 compared to ext4 with a coefficient of variation of 1.176. When recovering from power interruption, compared to Reliance Nitro, ext4 mount times were approximately 8 times as variable. Reliance Nitro mounted nearly 95% faster after unexpected shutdown compared with ext4.

Customers with valid Technical Support and Maintenance contracts with Datalight are eligible to receive the update to Reliance Nitro 3.2.3 at no charge. OEMs are encouraged to contact their Datalight representative. The release will also be available through Datalight resellers worldwide.

The Reliance Nitro file system was designed from the ground up for high-reliability, high performance applications. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology provides immunity from file corruption, even after unexpected system interruption. Reliance Nitro goes through extensive reliability testing, including more than 2 million random power cycle tests without a failure. In addition to Reliance Nitro for Linux and Android, Datalight also develops products for Wind River VxWorks, Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact and Windows Embedded Handheld and Mentor Graphics Nucleus. Customers have migrated Datalight’s portable products to many other operating systems.

About Datalight

Datalight, Inc. headquartered just north of Seattle, Wash., develops technologies to enable risk- free mobile data. Datalight software helps leading OEMs build high-performance, reliable devices that get to market quickly. Our product line includes Reliance Nitro, a transactional power failsafe file system; FlashFXe software acceleration for managed flash and FlashFX Tera comprehensive software management for raw flash. Expert engineering consultation and services speed time to market for device manufacturers. When data integrity, time to market and design flexibility matter, the world’s leading device manufacturers invest in solutions from Datalight. Datalight products have shipped in millions of embedded devices in demanding product categories like automotive, medical, retail, industrial automation and military/aerospace.