Santa Clara, CA (Flash Memory Summit), – August 9, 2011 – Today Datalight demonstrated the next release of its Reliance Nitro file system that greatly reduces the write amplification factor in flash-based storage media. Long a problem for users of flash memory and SSDs, write amplification slows performance and causes premature wear of the media. It is one of the primary reasons flash-based storage has such limited lifespan, causing it to burn through its finite number of write/erase cycles much faster than it otherwise would.

Because flash must be erased in large chunks before it can be written, writing even small amounts of data taxes system resources (and increases latency) exponentially. The smaller the amount of data to be written, the less efficient a write operation will be. For example, a 140-character text message written directly to flash causes the device to write a full block. Hence on a device using 4096 byte blocks, and 2 MB erase chunks, the write amplification factor could be as high as 512 times.

In the upcoming release of Reliance Nitro, Datalight introduces new technology that greatly improves random write performance and endurance. Specifically, these improvements show impressive results for database and other applications which write many small files or updates.

“Write amplification has long been a barrier to uncovering the full potential of high-performance flash-based mobile and embedded applications,” said Datalight CEO Roy Sherrill. “Early testing in our labs shows better than 5x improvement for an average use case, and we expect much greater than that for many applications.”
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Datalight, Inc. headquartered just north of Seattle, Wash., develops technologies to enable risk-free mobile data. Datalight file system and device driver software ensures reliability, performance and flexibility, and is used worldwide on many of today’s most well-known devices.  For more information, visit, call 800.221.6630 or visit blog at

Reliance Nitro file system and FlashFX Tera flash media manager comprise the Datalight flash file system solution. Reliance Nitro was designed from the ground up for high performance applications. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology provides 100% immunity from file corruption, even after unexpected system interruption. Embedded applications can benefit from faster boot times that remain consistent for the life of the product, regardless of disk size. FlashFX™ Tera features pre-written support for over 300 flash parts, including MLC, works with virtually any NAND controller, and features wear leveling, bad block management, and background compaction for unrivaled performance. Datalight flash file system products are available on VxWorks, Windows Embedded CE, Linux and many other operating systems.



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