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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to properly unmount Reliance Edge so I can power off my device and format the volume, but in the Developer's Guide it says:

    "Before unmounting, this function will wait for any active file system thread to complete by acquiring the FS mutex. The
    volume will be marked as unmounted before the FS mutex is released, so subsequent FS threads will possibly block
    and then see an error when attempting to access a volume which is unmounting or unmounted. [b]If the volume has open
    handles, the unmount will fail.[/b]"

    I'm having a hard time trying to manually close every single file and directory beeing used, so I wondered if there are any other ways to use red_unmount() without doing this. If not, are there other ways to format it instead of unmounting it before?

    Thanks in advance!
    • Greetings,

      The upcoming Reliance Edge v2.5 release adds a red_umount2() API which has a “force” flag that can be used to automatically close every single file and directory.

      /** Force unmount, closing all open handles. */
      #define RED_UMOUNT_FORCE 0x00000001U

      int32_t red_umount2(
      const char *pszVolume,
      uint32_t ulFlags);

      In Reliance Edge v2.4, there isn’t a way to unmount without closing the handles.

      We anticipate that the v2.5 version will be at least another month before release, but don't have a firm time frame as of today. If you are willing to try un-released code, we could prepare a patch which would add red-umount2() to the Edge v2.4 open source release.
      • The project I'm working on has to be very robust in terms of the file system. I think it will be better to wait for the next update.

        I'm really looking forward to see what's new in v2.5.