Myth Busting: Using a Write Cache to Improve Performance Means Sacrificing Data Integrity

Perhaps the most widely held belief about write caching is that it makes a system unreliable. Something along the lines of "Data written to a cache instead of to the media will be lost on an unexpected power interruption, leaving the system in a damaged state and rendering data useless." There are a variety of options busting this myth.
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Myth Busting: SSDs are Faster than SDs – or Are They?

At the request of a customer in the banking machines segment, Datalight recently completed an investigation of some performance differences they were seeing between SD and SSD on their embedded target. The findings left us scratching our head a bit.
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File Systems Big and Small

The embedded systems market is extraordinarily diverse. Virtually any electronic device that is not a desktop computer or an enterprise data center behemoth is under the “embedded system” umbrella. With such variation in form factor, use case, price point and processing need it should come as no surprise that data storage needs differ as well.
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Root Cause Analysis: The Quest for Zero Defects

Today automotive OEMs—and by extension, their suppliers—are being held to a standard that demands absolute answers whenever a component or system fails. The safeguards built in and care taken in developing these systems is high and failures are a rare occurrence, only small fractions of a percentage.
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IoT Dev Conference

At last week's Internet of Things Developers Conference held in San Jose demonstrating the value of IoT was clearly top-of-mind. There were predictions of the number of devices that would be part of the IoT ranging from 20 billion to 50 billion.
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Reliance Edge - the Firsts

Datalight has just released an open source preview of Reliance Edge™: our new file system for decision-quality data at the edge of Internet of Things (IoT). Later this month we will release a version under a commercial license with full MISRA C:2012 compliance. I'm excited about all the firsts with Reliance Edge, some market firsts, and some Datalight firsts.
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Reliance Nitro Transaction Explorer

One of the key differentiators for Datalight's Reliance Nitro file system is the runtime flexibility. Not only does this file system provide more reliability options than any other file system on the market, they can all be changed on the fly through a simple API. To demonstrate just how easy this was, we created an intern project to do just that.
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Embedded World 2015

This is my fifth year at Embedded World, and the weather just keeps getting better. Perhaps the nice days in Nuremberg contributed to a slight decrease in traffic at the show. In the Logic booth, we had some great meetings with long time customers, and learned about their new projects. We also heard about reliability challenges in hardware, from SD cards to data storage reliability in very small systems.
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CES 2015

In January I attended the International CES with 170,000 of my closest friends, about 25% of whom were from outside of the US. Together we attempted to visit 3500 exhibitors and listen to many, many keynotes, panels and speeches.
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Mars Rover Flash Challenges

The Mars Opportunity Rover was in the news again this week, as NASA mission engineers try to overcome what they refer to as an increasingly troubling bout of rover "amnesia". In September of 2014, the team reformatted the flash memory.
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