Excessive Flash Wear Caused by Popular Music Application

An interesting article in Ars Technica last week reported and then confirmed a major bug in the desktop version of Spotify. This application has been writing tens to hundreds of gigabytes per hour to user’s hard drives, which can greatly reduce the life of SSDs. One solution is better caching, or flexibility of the file system, and we go over those details in the white paper linked below.
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Are Your IoT Devices Secure?

Friday, October 21st was more than just a travel day for the World Series winning Chicago Cubs, it was also a day that 10s of millions of IoT devices launched a coordinated attack on DNS service provider Dyn. This week, a survey from ESET and the National Cyber Security Alliance showed that 40% of consumers are “not confident at all” that their IoT devices are safe, secure, and able to protect personal information
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Don’t Let a Potential Schedule Saver Become a Product Killer

More and more embedded devices are gaining the ability to connect – to each other, to private networks, and to the public cloud. This increasing connectivity is creating a fresh ease of delivering software updates to all kinds of devices that have been deployed to the field. While no one would argue that the ability to provide timely security updates is a bad thing, we need to be careful that this ubiquitous updatability doesn’t tempt us to ship a product before it’s really ready. And more importantly, that we plan for a failsafe way to manage updates when they do happen.
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NXP FTF Connects – Autonomous Vehicles & Fail-Safe Data

Last week, Datalight participated in the “NXP FTF Connects” conference in Detroit. The conference showcased NXP’s latest innovation and technology with an emphasis on the automotive market. As a partner of NXP, Datalight was given the opportunity to demonstrate our highly reliable file systems and flash management at the NXP Tech Lab. We shared a well-received demo that compares the power failsafe characteristics of Reliance Edge with data corruption experience with FAT file systems.
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Certifying Security, the Presidential Debate & ESC Minneapolis

Like many Americans, I watched the debate on Monday night, and was pretty disappointed at the candidate’s answers regarding Cyber Attacks. Neither provided anything of substance in their answers, but with these attacks are becoming more sophisticated and having the backing of foreign states, the answer has to be more than just encryption.
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Behind the Numbers: Using Sourcery Analyzer to Decipher Performance Bottlenecks

We’ve been fortunate to work closely with the Mentor Embedded Linux team and Raima as we’ve developed our upcoming joint webinar, “Don't Let Unreliable Data Storage Derail your IIoT Strategy.” I’ve already discussed on this blog the impetus behind the paper that spawned it: “Optimizing Your IIoT Storage Stack.” We know that Reliance Nitro configurability can allow applications to find the balance between minimizing data at risk and write performance. Simple changes to Raima’s RDM database showed huge performance gains in our testing.
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Engineers Must Learn the Importance of Software Testing

I started working at Datalight as a file system engineer shortly after graduating from college. And when I started, software testing was somewhat foreign to me. I was a developer, and QA was a place for other people that did other things. I assumed my job was to create software that performed as users expected as long as the users did things correctly. If they did something weird, like trying to fread() from a NULL file handle, they should expect bad things to happen. In other words, I expected to follow my “common sense” in designing workable software, and I expected my users to follow the same “common sense” as they interacted with it.
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Avoiding the Brick in Embedded Devices

Embedded devices today are performing more frequent updates, including monthly security updates for Android devices. One concern for any update is the potential for failure, with the worst case failure leaving the device a useless brick.
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Datalight Provides Support for Android Certification

Google has seen great success with Android across a wide variety of device types and industries. Developers who build devices that run Android must pass the Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) in order to claim full compatibility. As application complexity and storage capacity has increased, Google has recently revised the CTS to include new requirements, such as a larger path structure and support for the fallocate() file system command.
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Report from the New Space 2.0 Conference 2016

I had the opportunity to attend The New Space 2.0 conference last month in Seattle and was impressed by how much this industry is changing. The conference focused on the next generation of space flight and the dramatic changes happening today, covering a number of dynamics around the commercialization of space flight.
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