Partitioning - Slicing the Options

A file system is a common way of addressing the storage media; partitioning is a method for slicing that media up to use multiple file systems or multiple instances of the same file system, to support different purposes. This article breaks down two methods for partitioning the data.
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Who Owns the Data?

A recent article described data as the new oil, with the land grab just beginning. With all the companies that can benefit from your customers' data, this is an apt description. Control over data is something that should factor into every contract and design at this point.
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Do you need a file system or a flash manager?

I am sometimes asked what the difference is between a flash manager and a file system. In broad terms, both are required to store data on flash media, but their roles in storing the data vary greatly from one another. Simply put, software management controls how the flash media is read from and written to, while a file system dictates how and when data is stored. Perhaps some of the confusion between the two options comes from people who are familiar with the flash file systems on Linux – YAFFS, JFFS2, and UBIFS. Here is how the Datalight solution is different.
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Datalight & NXP – New Automotive Technology at FTF Connects

Earlier this month, Datalight attended the NXP FTF Connects conference in Detroit, focusing on the automotive industry. The conference showcased NXP’s latest innovation and technology with an emphasis on the automotive market.
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Update Failures – Another brick in the wall

In another demonstration of an update failure (something that seems to happen monthly), the company LockState pushed out a firmware update for the wrong model earlier this month. LockState manufactures door locking systems that can be remotely managed, and many of the affected devices were installed in AirBnB locations, in partnership with Host Assist.
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Supporting a wide range of kernel versions

The Linux environment is full featured and modern, with updated kernels being released far more frequently than comparable environments such as Wind River’s VxWorks or Microsoft’s Windows Embedded. Among factors driving the choice of those kernels for an embedded design are features, flexibility, and kernel requirements among chosen software and hardware drivers.
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How Sure Are You of Device Reliability?

For an embedded system, reliability means no unexpected loss of data. Looking below the application, this breaks down into two main categories:
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Performance Drop Without Discards

While working on our Discards whitepaper and testing our new Smart Discards feature, we took a lot of performance measurements. One of these really stands out – but first a quick explanation.
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Datalight's History with Discards

While working on a recent whitepaper, I dug up Datalight history for more info about discards. I’ve been with the company for over 16 years, and our work with discards predates not only my time on the job, but any other mention of discards for flash media.
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Embedded World 2017 – Growing Reality of the IoT

The focus of this years' Embedded World was "Securely Connecting the Internet of Things," but the thing that stood out was not only security, it was the growing reality of the IoT. Over the last few years, we have all heard about the IoT ad nauseam, so I will spare you the same old discussion. However, what was different from prior years was that many IoT promises are finally coming true. No longer is it "The Next Big Thing" – devices are beginning to deliver on the promises made by those promoting the IoT.
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