Datalight Products on VxWorks

Datalight FlashFX Pro ships as an evaluation version in all VxWorks distributions since version 6.5. Customers who need support for NAND flash on VxWorks chose FlashFX Pro for abstracting the intricacies of working with flash memory.
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High-End Phone Market Strong Despite Economic Slum


WindowsForDevices has an interesting article today that shows the results from a recent ABI research study on high-end handset sales. It is interesting to note that the economy has not slowed down sale of higher-end mobile phones and the overall mobile market has been strong as well. This bodes well for flash memory vendors, especially for NOR flash vendors like Spansion and Numonyx since mobile handset industry has been a NOR stronghold (though lately NAND is making heavy inroads - call it the iPhone effect).

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Using Datalight Reliance on rotating-media devices

FlashFX Pro is designed only for flash memory but Datalight Reliance is a file system that works on all block devices. This includes hard drives, USB flash drives, removable cards like SD, CF, solid state drives (SSD), etc.
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Gearing Up for the Flash Memory Summit

Datalight is sponsoring and presenting at the Flash Memory Summit, August 12-14 in Santa Clara.
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Worldwide Mobile phone sales increased 14% in 2008

Gartner just announced their latest research on mobile phone sales. What does this mean for you?
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Flash Wear leveling

Contrary to popular belief, flash memory does not last forever. Every flash part in existence comes with a finite number of write and erase cycles before the data stored becomes corrupted and the flash part unusable. Most flash file systems on the market today include a basic type of wear leveling, but all wear leveling algorithms are not created equal.
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YAFFS - Linux Flash File System

Continuing the conversation started in Flash File Systems and JFFS2 blog posts, this post talks about a YAFFS, another Linux flash file system alternative. YAFFS (Yet Another Flash File System) was designed to solve some of the performance issues suffered by JFFS2 on NAND flash.
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NAND or NOR Flash Memory: Tradeoffs & Strategies

Consumer electronics and embedded software devices are using larger amounts of flash memory for nonvolatile storage than ever before. So what kind of flash memory should you use? The choice between using NAND and NOR Flash may not be a simple one for the complex embedded devices being developed today.
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The Risks of Relying on a Single Flash Vendor

Digitimes is reporting that Samsung has informed its customers that it will be reducing supply of NAND Flash chips because of the huge order placed by Apple. This story is being picked up by several news outlets including Engadget.
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Is General Embedded Ready for MLC NAND?

MLC NAND is experiencing a high rate of adoption and within the consumer electronics sector - MP3 players, digital cameras, smart phones, flash cards and USB drives - it is everywhere you look. However, other embedded segments (industrial, automotive, military, aerospace, etc), are hesitating to take advantage of MLC's low-cost, high-density attributes.
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