Application Ecosystems on Devices

While the software we develop integrates at system level in devices, we do keep an eye open for developments happening at the application level primarily because the heavy data storage use most modern applications make. Understanding what kind of applications are making headway in the market helps us determine the type of data profile to expect at the file system and flash management level.
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Seen & Heard at the Flash Memory Summit

Attendance at FMS broke records for the fourth year in a row - truly remarkable, given our current economic situation. I think even the organizers were pleasantly surprised by the confirmation that FMS is now the venue of choice for flash industry leaders to come together and for the rest of the industry to learn what is new in the world of flash technology.
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Doing In-Place OS updates for Embedded Devices

Palm and Apple have released updates to their mobile devices and Microsoft is about to as well. This activity signals embedded devices becoming more like PCs.
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5 Problems Impeding Flash Adoption

It's been over 20 years since NAND flash was supposed to take over the world, so why is the 'ultra-portable' laptop I'm writing this on still using HDD? And why, nearly 30 years after the invention of flash, are we still debating its applications vs. the rotating platter?
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The Datalight Labs: Managed NAND vs. Raw NAND

Our R&D folks couldn't wait to get their hands on the new test board from Digi which arrived a couple weeks ago. The board comes with multiple testing interfaces, making it easy to switch between a number of different flash parts for back-to-back comparisons. They have been practically wearing the thing out, testing the performance of a number of different managed and raw NAND parts to get a better idea of the differences our customers see when doing benchmarks. Check out a few pictures of the setup currently in Glenn's office, and contact us for more information on this project. [gallery columns="2"]

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Reliance and Reliance Nitro

Ever since we announced our high performance file system Reliance Nitro, we have been getting questions on how it compares to the original Reliance file system.
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The Universe of Managed NAND

We have talked about managed NAND in a few blog posts before. Usually a combination of raw NAND flash (SLC or MLC) combined with a hardware controller that performs flash management features like bad block management, ECC and wear leveling is referred to as managed NAND.
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Principals of Software Development Leadership

Once again confirming our suspicion that he doesn't sleep, Datalight Director of Engineering Ken Whitaker has just published his second book on managing the software development process, this time with a focus on incorporating the 'agile' project management techniques that have been so successful at Datalight and elsewhere in Ken's long distinguished career. At over 400 pages, we haven't read it yet, but it's bound to become a favorite of technology management gurus around the world. Here's some praise from one of Ken's colleagues: "Whitaker explains how to run development as the critical business function that it is. Get Principals of Software Development Leadership if you want to lead a technical team to success - or buy a copy for your boss if you want to work on a successful team." - Steve Johnson, VP,…

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I HEART Reliance Nitro

With the release of our new file system this week, Reliance Nitro, we asked our Account Managers what they liked most about our new product. Their answers of course included reliability and high performance. Wes Johns and Phillip Allison were so excited they decided to make a video  watch the youtube video

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Reliance Nitro Demo Video

We're totally psyched about Reliance Nitro, our newest file system (yes, we're file geeks), and we're always on the lookout for opportunities to show off the performance and reliability attributes it adds to Windows Mobile and Windows CE. When we discovered the relatively new Beagle Board, it occurred to us that a small, low-cost platform might be just the thing to demonstrate Nitro's amazing benefits. As you've probably heard, the Beagle is making waves with its low cost (around $150) and diminutive size. It uses an OMAP 3530 processor and 256MB of NAND. Though they are most commonly used with Linux, we lucked out in having a partner (MPC Data) who has already developed a Windows CE BSP for it. After a few phone calls, the wizards at MPC Data were able to develop a slick video playback demo app, and presto, the Reliance Nitro Beagle Demo was born! Amateur videographers that we are (ok, REALLY amateur), we recently videotaped…

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