Much Ado About eMMC

Lately you may have noticed a lot of talk about eMMC on our blog and website. If so you may be thinking, "Why is Datalight so excited about eMMC?" Here are 5 top reasons we're jumping on the eMMC bandwagon.
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Datalight Outperforms Other Linux Flash File Systems

It's always gratifying when you run benchmarks and discover your product actually does outperform the competition. Months and months of development effort went in to making Reliance Nitro and FlashFX Tera run flawlessly in an open source environment.
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Securely Delete Files on Flash Media

If you've noticed the numerous posts lately on the Datalight blog regarding JEDEC and eMMC, you might be wondering why we're so excited about this particular standard. There are many features that this "smarter" memory will enable for OEMs; In this post I'll focus on one of those features in the eMMC specification -secure delete.
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Breaking Through the Sub-20nm NAND Flash Barrier

That cracking you may or may not have heard last month was the sound of SanDisk and Toshiba breaking the sub-20 nanometer NAND barrier. Flying in the face of conventional wisdom (and more than a few industry analysts), both companies recently announced they will be delivering 19nm NAND this year.
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Coolest (and creepiest) Tech News I've Seen Lately

While listening to NPR this week I caught a story on a new artificial heart developed by the Texas Heart Institute. What's cool is that the device promises to overcome some of the inherent limitations of older technologies that led to premature failure - such as pumps wearing out or breaking down, and blood clots.
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A File System Designed for Embedded

Instead of adapting a desktop or server file system for embedded use, it is far better to use a file system designed specifically for embedded use.
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Flash Memory & Android Dominate ESC Silicon Valley

The topic of storage technology seemed to be everywhere at last week's Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, appearing in numerous key note speeches, presentations and exhibit booths. It appears the industry is waking up to the difficulties of storing and managing a torrent of data being produced by new mobile applications.
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Does Consumer Electronics Drive Embedded or Vice Versa?

The hot topics in the consumer electronics segments today are Android, installable applications, sexy user interfaces, sensors like GPS receivers, gyroscopes and accelerometers and larger capacity/smaller size storage.
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Security and eMMC

The JEDEC eMMC 4.4 specification added two variations to the basic erase command for data security. These were: Secure Erase - A command indicating a secure purge should be performed on an erase group.
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Bootstrapping Linux from NAND Flash

We've received a bit of feedback on our Bootstrapping Linux from NAND Flash with FlashFX Tera and Reliance Nitrowhitepaper. Questions that have come up regarding this whitepaper include: "The sample project included in the whitepaper demonstrated booting from NOR rather than NAND, is it possible for the bootloader to reside in NAND?"
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