A File System Designed for Embedded

Instead of adapting a desktop or server file system for embedded use, it is far better to use a file system designed specifically for embedded use.
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Flash Memory & Android Dominate ESC Silicon Valley

The topic of storage technology seemed to be everywhere at last week's Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, appearing in numerous key note speeches, presentations and exhibit booths. It appears the industry is waking up to the difficulties of storing and managing a torrent of data being produced by new mobile applications.
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Does Consumer Electronics Drive Embedded or Vice Versa?

The hot topics in the consumer electronics segments today are Android, installable applications, sexy user interfaces, sensors like GPS receivers, gyroscopes and accelerometers and larger capacity/smaller size storage.
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Security and eMMC

The JEDEC eMMC 4.4 specification added two variations to the basic erase command for data security. These were: Secure Erase - A command indicating a secure purge should be performed on an erase group.
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Bootstrapping Linux from NAND Flash

We've received a bit of feedback on our Bootstrapping Linux from NAND Flash with FlashFX Tera and Reliance Nitrowhitepaper. Questions that have come up regarding this whitepaper include: "The sample project included in the whitepaper demonstrated booting from NOR rather than NAND, is it possible for the bootloader to reside in NAND?"
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A Note on Customer Support

Occasionally we survey our recent customers to find out how their experience was with customer support. When I first began seeing responses, I was amazed at how positive they ALL were. Now, a few years later, I continue to see overwhelmingly positive comments regarding our customers' interactions with our support team - at this point I would be surprised to hear something negative!
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About Fragmentation

Do you need defrag? It mostly depends on your hardware and your use case. While defragmenting a file system can make the computer run faster, it's not the only answer.
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CES Highlights

Our CEO Roy Sherrill visited CES last week and made note of a few trends that caught his eye. Here are his thoughts from the show floor: All-in-one Devices - Over the last few years, we self-described technology geeks have seen our phone morph into a camera, an MP3 player, an internet connection/email viewer, and about a hundred other functions spanning the range between the necessary and the ridiculous.
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What is JEDEC, and how does it affect me?

EDEC, the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (see http://www.jedec.org), is a group of manufacturers and suppliers collaborating to create specifications for Flash memory access and parts.
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ONFI Announces EZ-NAND at FMS: OEMs Rejoice

Last week's Flash Memory Summit was a whirlwind of tutorials, announcements and networking, including a presentation by our very own CEO Roy Sherrill, but if you missed the announcement by ONFI (the Open NAND Flash Interface organization) that its new ONFI 2.3 specification will include the EZ-NAND protocol, take a few minutes to soak it in.
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