Reliability with ext4

The challenge - making ext4 just as reliable as Datalight's Reliance Nitro file system, within limitations of the POSIX specification. Unlike most real world embedded designs, performance and media lifetime are not a consideration for this exercise.
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Multithreading in Focus: Performance & Power Efficiency

We're constantly on the lookout for ways to help our customers boost performance and improve power efficiency, and often our inspiration comes by way of the conversations we have with them. Recently, several of these discussions highlighted user scenarios where the complexity of the application would benefit from an enhancement to the classic Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology found in our Reliance Nitro file system.
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Help! Why are my devices failing?

In conversations with the embedded OEMs we work with, a common issue affects almost every manufacturer - the cost of diagnosing and fixing causes of field failure. This impacts time-to-market and pulls resources from development for field diagnostics and post-mortem analysis. This issue is especially relevant due to the following reasons:
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FMS: Bigger and Bigger (and Smaller and Smaller)

Last week's Flash Memory Summit did not disappoint. As one of the early sponsors of the conference, it was awe-inspiring to stand in the middle of the exhibit hall and see how the show has grown, in both number of booths and attendees.
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Startup and Shutdown: Challenges in User Experience

Shutdown and startup can be slow - but they don't have to be. Datalight is working on an eMMC-specific driver to manage the sequence of writes.
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eMMC - The What, How and Why

The eMMC standard improved data rates and throughputs for high-density chips, and newer generations continue to do more.
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Write Amplification: The Next Device Optimization Battle?

Wikipedia describes Write Amplification as "an undesirable phenomenon associated with Flash memory and solid-state drives (SSDs) where the actual amount of physical information written is a multiple of logical amount intended to be written," and offers this formula to calculate it:
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Performance Testing Reliance Nitro and ext3/4

Recently we ran benchmarks comparing ext3 and ext4 to Reliance Nitro on eMMC and Linux. Here's what we learned.
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Device Longevity using Software

At Datalight, we often think about device longevity, which is why our products extend the lifetime of NAND flash media, while improving performance.
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Datalight Sponsors Local High School Robotics Team

The Arlington Neobots are not like other high school technology clubs. For one thing they have access to a phenomenal pool of mentors from local technology companies like Boeing, Microsoft and now Datalight. They also have a growing number of female members, a rarity in youth organizations oriented to math and science.

Founded in 2008 with seed money from Boeing, the team competes in an annual robot building competition created by national non-profit organization FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), and this year the competition is already ramping up. For 2012, FIRST has challenged the robotics teams to a game similar to basketball called Rebound Rumble. Six teams are split up into two alliances of three; one alliance is blue and the other red. During the 2-minute and 15-second…

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