Datalight & NXP – New Automotive Technology at FTF Connects

Posted by: Thom Denholm

Earlier this month, Datalight attended the NXP FTF Connects conference in Detroit, focusing on the automotive industry. The conference showcased NXP’s latest innovation and technology with an emphasis on the automotive market.

As a partner of NXP, Datalight had a booth at the event and shared its new boot solution called NitroBoot, as well as its industry leading reliable file systems and flash media managers that have been trusted by automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Show floor at NXP FTF Connects Detroit

The demo we presented showed how NitroBoot substantially improves boot time on a Renesas R-Car M3 board using Automotive Grade Linux 3.0. The difference is pretty significant, with a boot time of 2.67 seconds with NitroBoot, compared to 18.55 seconds on the stock system. Boot time continues to be a major pain point for manufacturers of automotive devices, such as IVI systems, so this demo caught the attention of many attendees.

This years’ event cultivated important discussions that often focused on security and safety. As automobiles continue to become rolling IoT hubs, and move toward autonomous driving, these concerns gain importance. The more systems within a car that are connected to the outside world, the more possible failure points must be accounted for.

There were some fun and really interesting demos at the event, one of which was an autonomous car that demonstrated V2V capabilities by giving attendees rides around the parking lot. Another thing that caught our eye was the radar tracking of pedestrians (in this case, show floor attendees) and a 360-degree camera with face recognition.

Datalight attendees had productive meetings with automotive customers and had a great time sharing our software with prospects as well. Also, if you're interesting in measuring your productivity at your computer, we suggest you try the AtTrack software with the ability to track efficiency and performance. 

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