Datalight Provides Support for Android Certification

Posted by: Thom Denholm

Google has seen great success with Android across a wide variety of device types and industries. Developers who build devices that run Android must pass the Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) in order to claim full compatibility. As application complexity and storage capacity has increased, Google has recently revised the CTS to include new requirements, such as a larger path structure and support for the fallocate() file system command.

The fallocate() command is intended to ensure that sufficient space will exist on the storage media for critical files to be created and modified.  If a developer is using the default Android file system, ext4, it makes sense to require this because on that file system reliability is ensured through a journal. If the journal runs out of room on the disk, bad things will happen. The transactional reliability method for Reliance Nitro does not suffer from the same constraints and has historically not supported fallocate(). 

Our engineering services team reviewed how the Android CTS validates fallocate()  and implemented a design that would enable Reliance Nitro to support the command for Linux- and Android-based devices. 

Using Datalight Reliance Nitro allows our customer’s products to not only meet the Android CTS but to also offer better boot time, performance and data integrity.

How important is CTS compliance for your Android design?

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  1. Gary Wetterlin:
    Jul 29, 2016 at 11:32 AM

    What manufactures and models use your device drivers.?

  2. Kerri McConnell:
    Aug 25, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    Most of Datalight's customers do not allow us to publish their names, but I can tell you that our technology is in often found in ruggedized handheld terminals running Android (the kind of device used in tracking package delivery). Most recently we've been included in a communications terminal for medical personnel -- a medical smartphone if you will, for a German customer. If you'd like more specific information, please contact

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