VxWorks 7: The New Modular Operation System Environment

Posted by: Thom Denholm

Datalight products have been supported on Wind River's VxWorks environment for over a decade. As Wind River advances their operating system, Datalight enhances our products to support the latest releases (Of course we continue to support legacy versions as far back as VxWorks 5.5.). As we finish up our integration into the VxWorks 7.0 environment we thought you might benefit from a heads up on some of the changes in Wind River's new modular operating system environment.

One of the most significant changes from our perspective is a new distribution model for third party components - the VxWorks 7 Marketplace. The idea, according to Wind River spokesmen, is to provide their customers with an "Internet of Things" approach, a one-stop shop for in-house and OEM additions to the environment. As with many marketplaces in the physical world, this shop opened before all the shelves were complete. We expect the required changes to the Wind River build process (since VxWorks 7.0 debuted earlier this year) to be delivered at the same time as Datalight products become available in the Marketplace through a build package dependency, which should be seamless to our customers. If you need access to FlashFX Tera or Reliance Nitro for VxWorks 7 prior to the Marketplace availability, you can contact us and we'll set you up with an independent download.

In VxWorks 7, the Datalight product build is considerably simpler. All source editing, building and debugging can be done in the VxWorks IDE. Processor build and environment are based on the BSP, and that information is now delivered to the installed package. The software developer would still want to customize the configuration files for Reliance Nitro and FlashFX Tera, especially when selecting a NAND flash part and controller. As always, unlocking the full feature set of Datalight products will still be done via a license key obtained from Datalight.

One welcome change - the FlashFX Tera build will be delivered with the NAND flash simulation project by default. Customers can now bring up the product with a block device immediately, which should allow faster integration and scalability.

In summation, we are pretty excited about this new Wind River release. The protected boot, signed images and other security options are exactly where embedded devices need to be. Modularizing the kernel means fewer "complete system" upgrades and more flexibility for OEMs and BSPs. We can't wait for the Marketplace to go live in Q4 of this year.

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