Support: When You Need it You Need it Big Time!

Posted by: Roy Sherrill

I've always carefully considered which cell phone I use. Having had Datalight software in lots of cell phones has given me an extra affinity for them. I started with a Microsoft Windows-based phone long before any one called them a "Smart Phone." I know the Apple iPhone is the darling of the market and has been since Steve Jobs announced "an iPod, an Internet device, a Phone, an iPod, and Internet device," but not being one to follow the crowd, I've never owned an iPhone.

Last fall, my Android-based Motorola Atrix phone just stopped working. I could not bring up my calendar, my email, nothing. It just died. I'd had it for about a year and knew it was time for a new one. I had an AT&T phone insurance plan so I went to AT&T and asked for a new phone. Given that I'd really enjoyed my Atrix and it was an Android phone, I opted to stick with Android.

AT&T provided an Android phone, but it was NOTHING compared to the Motorola Atrix. The Atrix delivered a great in car experience. When it was plugged into the car adapter its functionality changed from Smart Phone mode to a hands free GPS and music player and it read texts to me as they arrived - overall a great when driving-user experience! With the AT&T replacement phone I could at least make a phone call and get email, but nothing more! It sucked.

After taking some time to evaluate my options, I finally decided on the new Google Nexus 5 because Google, the makers of Android, and recent purchaser of Motorola Mobility (the Cell phone division), surely would make a great Android phone. While not having as good a car experience as the Atrix, the Nexus 5 was a nice phone.

I use my phone as my email, calendar, web browser, and communication device, both personal & corporate. Look up a local place to eat, use the GPS to find it and even record notes when a laptop is too clumsy. My life is on my phone!

Recently I was out of the country on holiday, in and out of cell and Wifi coverage, so the phone had data and then did not. Not a real problem for vacation, connected but not too connected. On Friday the phone stopped receiving email. I wasn't too alarmed, figuring it would come back. Saturday morning I arrived back in the country, and still no email, or web. Wow, this is odd. Turn on airplane mode, turn off airplane mode re-boot, re-boot, re-boot - still no data getting to my phone. Back home late Monday, I went into an AT&T store to get it fixed. They change the SIM card, monkey with it. Get an AT&T person on the line who plays with the network, trying to give me data back. All to no avail. AT&T says "It's not the network. The phone is broken." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. NOT what I want to hear!

I get on Google website for Nexus 5 and find a phone number to call. I call and speak with Marc. He's a friendly guy that recommends I re-boot, put it on airplane mode and take it off. Get a new SIM card, update the APN number (all stuff either I did or AT&T did for me when I was in the store). Marc says that he does not believe that Google will replace the phone if it's only a data problem. I get real clear with Marc, if the data does not work, this phone is worthless to me! "Yes, I understand" he say, "I'll check into it and see what I can do here at Google."

As the call was ending Marc says, "There will be a 2-minute survey at the end of this call. Please take time to respond to this survey if you can. They ask if the representative was helpful."

Did he take ownership of my problem? Fully fixed my problem? Marc was nice enough, but I was still frustrated!

Marc did follow up with an email that said do all the stuff he'd told me about on the phone. At the end of the email it says "If this does not fully resolve your problem let us know". I fire back an email immediately. And get asked to take yet another survey!

Two companies, AT&T and Google, neither really took care of the issue but they sure did ask me a bunch if I was satisfied.

All this just reminds me: how proud I am of Datalight's support. Our team does take responsibility for the customer's problem. They often spend time investigating issues with the customer regardless of the time of day, regardless even of the likelihood of it being a problem with our software. Whether it's a 6:00 AM call with Germany or an 11:00 PM call with Japan, whether it's a hardware problem or not they are on it. I only wish they could fix my phone!

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