File System Sculpting

Posted by: Thom Denholm

For many embedded operating systems, the default file system is the only choice available. Sometimes a few customization options exist, and usually only at mount time. When using Linux as an embedded OS, there are a few more customization options and the source is available, but it is rarely easy to understand and modify. Reliance Nitro is an embedded file system that can be sculpted to fit where you need it.

Datalight has a strong history of customization. Our ROM-DOS operating system was designed to offer a variety of choices to the device designer. FAT32 and Long Filename Support were both optionally available, together or separate. Internal files, buffers and other structures could also be customized at will - without losing complete compatibility with MS-DOS.

This same strength is available in both our FlashFX and Reliance families of products. The latter offers many options for customization, from cache, buffers and debug mode to filename and pathname length and character sets. Our reliability through fully configurable Transaction Points is unlike any other file system in the industry.

One recent customer came to us with a request for our fantastic reliability - in under 60k of RAM. Datalight's Reliance Nitro code was trimmed down to remove multiple threads, multiple volumes and unnecessary API calls. International character support and the idea of a current working directory were also removed. The end result provided perfect reliability in just 55k.

These and many other customization options are available to our customers, either on their own (with the friendly assistance of Datalight Support) or through a Datalight services project. When you take a look at our source code, you will find the Operating System and Block Device interfaces well documented and flexible. The Reliance Nitro source is available for free evaluation in your design today.

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