Software Power Consumption

Posted by: Thom Denholm

One of the questions we received at Datalight is whether our software affects the power consumption of embedded devices. Not being power experts ourselves, we found an intern and faculty advisor from our nearby University of Washington to help us out with the process. After a little research, we also selected the PicoScope as the best solution for measuring the power.

As part of the final conclusions of this project, our intern Cameron wrote up his findings, which have now been published on the Pico Technology website -

The comparisons reflected in that article represent a version of our FlashFXe product that was in production at the time. The use case measured (SQLite operations) is the one targeted for improvement by our software. By writing the eMMC media in the most optimal fashion, FlashFXe generates fewer erases and uses less power. Each access to the media does more meaningful work in a more optimal way. At the media level, this also increases the dwell time, which in general has been shown to decrease the bit error rate over time, and may also improve long term data retention.

Datalight continues to research ways where software changes can improve the hardware experience for our customers.

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