Much Ado About eMMC

Posted by: Thom Denholm

Lately you may have noticed a lot of talk about eMMC on our blog and website. If so you may be thinking, "Why is Datalight so excited about eMMC?" Here are 5 top reasons we're jumping on the eMMC bandwagon:

#5) Standards: Having a standard specification for hardware like eMMC enables our customers to spend less time integrating new hardware and more time focusing on their core competencies.

#4) ECC: As NAND flash lithography shrinks and density increases, error correction has become exponentially more complex and therefore difficult to do in software. Performing ECC in the hardware, like eMMC (or OnFI EZ-NAND parts like Micron's ClearNAND), overcomes this problem and offers much simpler integration.

#3) Performance: In combining an accepted standard with on-board ECC, eMMC offers excellent performance and flexibility for customers.

#2) Advanced features like secure delete: With more critical data being stored, data security is becoming a much bigger issue. We're happy to see a standards body like JEDEC focus on tackling this problem. And since customers will need a file system capable of enabling this feature, we're delighted to be the first to offer support for eMMC 4.41 features like secure erase and secure trim.

#1) Customers: More and more of our customers are either evaluating or using eMMC. Whenever we see our customers using a new technology we ask ourselves how we can help enable them to take full advantage of it. Exploiting the features of eMMC at the file system level is a win for all of us.

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