Psst! Datalight is the "secret sauce"

Posted by: Thom Denholm

Customers tell us the performance and reliability benefits of our products are important competitive advantages for them. So with hundreds of Datalight customers shipping millions of products, why don't you see more glowing reviews and fact-driven case studies on our website? As one top-tier consumer OEM recently told us, "If our competitors know that we use Datalight, they may use it too, and we don't want to lose that advantage." What a fantastic endorsement - Datalight is aningredientof this customer's "secret sauce!" Just last week an OEM building a metering product expressed reluctance to have us publish a case study. They were concerned competitors googling their name would find it and learn about the problem Datalight solved for them. One the one hand, it's wonderful that our products are a factor in customers beating their competition; on the other hand it's frustrating to not be able to tell the world about the role we're playing in market leading devices. For now, our solution is to take the "Dragnet" approach and change the names to protect the innocent. And now you know the rest of the story: behind each example we use in marketing our products sits an organization driving fantastic innovation in the embedded industry with a real-world problem that Datalight solved. Here are a few case studies that we are allowed to share:

Datalight FlashFX Pro Helps WAGO Build a Faster PLC

Boot Time is Cut in Half for LG Navigator

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