Reliance Transactional File system demo

Posted by: Thom Denholm

Demonstrating how system software work in a visual manner is an interesting problem, especially in embedded space. There is no UI or visual effects to WOW the audience. To evaluate the value system software components bring to an embedded design, the customer usually needs to configure our software on his embedded development board. This provides for comprehensive evaluation but can be a significant effort. We run into this very often at Datalight since our primary products (FlashFX Pro and Reliance) are system level embedded software. One way we have attempted to demonstrate our software is to make a full-functional version of our software run on user's desktop PC. This allows the customer to run the software without any special hardware in matter of minutes and understand the core working of our software. Once they believe there is value, the can request source code access and try it on the actual embedded hardware. The first demonstration that we have built is for Datalight Reliance. This demo is available to all users who are registered for MyDatalight account. The video below shows how you can use this software on any Windows PC and understand how Reliance unique transactional design allows for 100% reliability against data corruption and how Dynamic Transaction Point technology allows developers to tune their file system even while the device is running.


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