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Posted by: Thom Denholm

Hi All: Welcome to the Datalight blog on "Data Matters." It's amazing to see the increase in size and value of data in devices over 25 years that Datalight has been in business. In the old days, well the 80's, Datalight worked with Flight Data recorders that held data on 3.5 inch floppies using the FAT file system and  similar non-reliable foundations. Today, device data requirements are growing at a tremendous pace. These requirements include reliability, performance, size and flexibility in media, bootability and system field-update requirements.

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On the consumer front, the spectrum moves from the inexpensive GO Phone, up to the Feature phones (with multimedia capabilities) toward the Smartphones that can assume the role of a MP3 Player, a movie Player or an office management system for the road warrior. The more demanding embedded devices hold data that is much more valuable, sensitive, and mission critical. These devices succeed or fail based on how they handle, store and deliver the data to the final data consumer. There many "Good Enough" solutions that, well, aren't really "Good Enough"!     Datalight is committed to Risk Free Device Data, and that's what this Blog is all about. If you require more than "Good Enough" for your device data, then keep reading. Thanks for joining us! Roy Sherrill President

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